#Urban Highline Festival


Urban Highline Lublin 2015 REGULATIONS


  1. This regulation sets rules and terms of participating in Urban Highline Festival, which will take place from 23rd to 26th of July 2015 in Lublin (Poland).
  2. Workshops of Culture in Lublin and the Municipality of Lublin City are the official organizers of the Carnaval Sztuk-Mistrzów (henceforth known as the ‘Organizer’).
  3. Urban Highline Festival is part of the Carnaval Sztuk-Mistrzów 2015. Main people responsible for coordination of Urban Highline Festival are: Jan Gałek – henceforth known as ‘Coordinator’ and Piotr Błaszczak – henceforth known as ‘Logistic-coordinator’.
  4. Every adult with experience in sport of slacklining can take part and henceforth is knows as the ‘Participant’. Any minor, which wants to attend has to provide a written permission signed by a legal guardian.
  5. Highline part will take place at three different locations: Trynitarska Tower, Main Square and Skyscrapers at Wieniawska Street in Lublin. Rope Access Company will secure specially prepared highlines rigged in advance by professional highline riggers.
  6. To participate in Urban Highline Festival the Participant needs to fulfill these set of terms: a) reading and accepting UHF regulations, b) delivering personally signed form to the INFOpoint, c) paying an entry fee before attending the festival. Entry fee depends on the day of registration:

Until 22 of July (online): 60 PLN (15 EUR)

  • of July (thursday): 20 EUR (80 PLN)
  • of July (friday): 15 EUR (60 PLN)
  • of July (saturday): 10 EUR (40 PLN)
  • of July (sunday): 5 EUR (20 PLN)


  1. Entry fee provides the Participant with a 4 days of unlimited access to all of the highlines, workshops, presentations and movies, Slack-Park and accommodation at the campsite for 5 days (Participants can arrive and sleep at the campsite from 22nd of July 2015).
  2. The organizer reserves the right to verify the information declared by Participant as well as exclusion of a Participant from any part of the festival or the whole event if the Mainorganizers or Co-organizer esteems created situation is a safety threat to the Participant, other Participants or interferes with the course of the festival.
  3. By declaring taking part in the festival the Participant takes full liability for possible damage to health and property which can be caused by participating in the Urban Highline Festival by Participant or against other Participants as well as a third party.

10.The organizer is not responsible for any damage to property or health which can be caused while participating in Urban Highline Festival by Participant or against other Participants as well as a third party. The Participant is fully responsible.

  1. In case of dispute, the organizer’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entertained.
  2. Participation in the Festival is equivalent to expressing consent to the recording, photographing or otherwise registering photographs and to the use of images of the participant for publications on websites, in printed material and promotional materials created by the Organizers.
  3. In accordance with Article 24 paragraph. 1 of the Personal Data Protection Act of 29 August 1997 (Dz. U [Journal of Laws], 2002, No.101, item. 926, as amended.)  we inform you that  the  Controller of the personal data of the Festival’s participants are the Festival’s Organizers, that is: MY FLOW STUDIO Piotr Blaszczak, located at ul. H.M. Sachsów 45, 20-381 Lublin, VAT number: 9462386228 and Workshops of Culture in Lublin  located at ul. Grodzka 5a, 20-112 Lublin.  Personal data of the festival’s  participants will be processed in relation to the festival and its organization as well as for statistical and marketing purposes and they will not be shared with other recipients. The participants have the right to access their data and correct them.  Providing the Organizers with personal data is voluntary.
  4. By completing the registration you acknowledge that you have read and accepted the provisions of these Regulations.


  1. The Participant is obligated to have a climbing harness, which has all needed certifications (CE for PPE, UIAA) and designations (brand, year of manufacture, serial number). The equipment has to be fully functional and before expiration date. The Participant takes full responsibility for the equipment. Certifications and designations also technical condition of a harness, may be randomly checked by employee of Rope Access Company (henceforth knows a ‘Rope Technician’). Staff of Rope Access Company has a right to reject the equipment, which according to their judgment does not meet the requirements.
  2. The Participant can access the highline only under supervision from Rope Technician. The Participant safety has to be controlled by Rope Technician each time before entering a highline. The Rope Technician is obligated to safety check Participant’s harness, safety leash attachment and overall safety of a highline rig.
  3. It is recommend for every Participant to own proper protective clothing. That is to say: long pants, gloves and T-shirt – preferably longsleeve. This rule is not obligatory and its purpose is to increase Participants safety. Lack of recommended protective elements can cause small injuries (e.g. bruises, cuts, abrasions, burns) to a Participant’s body. It is strictly prohibited to wear any sharp or pointy objects, which can cause damage or failure of safety equipment.
  4. The participant can perform a start maneuver (e. g. ‘chongo start’) only after a colorful mark (piece of tape) placed on each line. This mark sets a safety distance from building’s elevation. It is strictly prohibited to perform a standing start from before these marks.
  5. In any case scenario it is prohibited for Participant to use and touch buildings elevation after falling off the highline. Maneuver of mounting back a highline can be performed only ‘in the air’ by usage of safety leash. The knowledge of this technic as ability to perform it is expected from every Participant.
  6. It is recommended for all of the beginners to get familiar with techniques like “chongostart”, “catching a highline” and “leash-mount” before the festival. For these who are in this group and are interested to practice these elements with a qualified instructor we will provide with special workshops during the festival. We also recommend for the beginners to practice these elements, concentrate on sending the shorter lines of the festival first and give a place to more advanced Participants on the longer highlines. This should increase highline comfort for all of the Participants of the Urban Highline Festival.
  7. All Participants are prohibited from performing on the highline with limited safety (e. g. ‘swami-belt’) or without it. The only acceptable method of personal safety equipment is a climbing harness (look point 1 & 2). Breaking this rule will affect in immediate removal of such a Participant from the festival.
  8. Participants have right to stay at the areas designated highline areas only under supervision of Rope Technicians and Festival’s Order Service only during official opening hours. Participants are asked to keep away from any official rigging activities. The only authorized personnel to interact with highline rigs are members of the Rigging Crew. If you have any note about a highline rig (e. g. you think highline needs to be re-taped, tensioned etc.) just report a problem to a nearest Rope Technician, Rigging Crew Member or a person from the Internal Order Service.
  9. Participants are allowed to use only designated parts of the buildings and emergency exits. It is strictly prohibited to enter highline through unauthorized spaces through windows, doors etc. Any damage to building’s elevation and other elements because of such an action will be affecting in removing responsible Participant from the festival and fine, which will be equivalent to caused damage in property.

10.Participants interested in any kind of contest or a competition, which is taking place at the highlines, needs to follow these ten regulations as well as a separate contest or competition’s regulations.


  1. Slackline Park is located next to a campsite.
  2. Only Participants of the Urban Highline Festival can use Slackline Park. Participants using Slackline Park take full responsibilities for their actions and any property or heath injuries.
  3. Slackline Park will be prepared and properly secured by Technicians and the Rigging Crew of the Urban Highline Festival. The Participant has no right to set any slackline equipment, interfere in rigging of already existing lines at the Slackline Park without prior consultation with a Technical Support Crew or a Rigging Crew Member.
  4. The Organizer is not responsible for any actions of the Participant, which is under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substance.
  5. The Organizer reserves the right that some of the lines can be out of use due to the needs of a specific workshop, In that situation only the person who conducts the workshops and workshop’s Participants have the access to that line.
  6. The organizer is not responsible for any lost or stolen equipment within Slackline Park.
  7. There will be separate slackline place prepared for the public. During designated hours at this place under instructor’s supervision anyone can take part in the slackline workshops. Everyone participating is taking full responsibility for any health injuries, property damage and should understand the dangers of a sport of slacklining.