#Urban Highline Festival

Urban Highline Festival

Urban Highline, established in 2009, was inspired by Yasha Mazur, the protagonist of the novel “The Magician of Lublin”. When it was first set up, no one expected that this small event would grow into a big international festival which annually brings to Lublin hundreds of participants from a dozen countries around the world. Over time, UHF has matured along with its founders, organizers, the guests who walk above Lublin’s streets, and the crowds who have grown accustomed to the aerial strollers. The number of participants has grown (around 300 people from 50 countries around the world), there have been special guests and new lines have been hung. The festival’s second edition was when one of the most famous “churchlines” of the world was hung for the first time – it was extended between the Trinity Tower and the tower of the Lublin Cathedral. This is the spot that all beginner slackliners want to try and the famous slackliners happily return here because this is where their adventure began.


See you!

logotypy na stronę CS UHF

Expenditure co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund as part of the project “Economic Marketing of the Lublin Region II”.