#Urban Highline Festival

Urban Highline Festival


Urban Highline Festival is an integral element of the festival Carnaval Sztukmistrzów and 2017 sees the 9th iteration of the biggest event of this kind in the world. Each year the Festival attracts to Lublin approximately 300 participants from every corner of the world. So far it has been attended not only by slackliners from Europe but also from Canada, USA, China, Australia, Brazil, Peru, Montenegro, Israel and India.

Highline in the urban space constitutes a great attraction both for its practitioners and for viewers walking the streets of Lublin below. A sport discipline that is in principle practised high in the mountains has been introduced into the cityscape. Happening in and above the streets of Lublin, this spectacular sport refers to the figure of Yasha Mazur, the protagonist of Isaac Bashevis Singer’s novel The Magician of Lublin.

This year the organisers have provided 17 slackline tapes. The tapes will be located around the Crown Tribunal, between the Trynitarska Tower and the Lublin Cathedral, above Wieniawska Street, and even above Królewska Street – between the Town Hall and Krakowska Gate.

Undoubtedly, the crown attraction of the 9th Urban Highline constitutes the trickline contest above the safety net. This year the championship will take place 10 metres above the ground: between the Crown Tribunal and the townhouse in 17 Rynek Street. Unsecured by any harness, the contestants will perform tricks on the slackline tape and – in case of a failed trick– they will finish their round by falling onto the safety net. The best slackliners in the world have been invited to participate in the competition, including Mickey Wilson, Jaan Rose, and Tauri Vahesaar.

As every year, participants and invited guests will relax in tents located in Błonia – a green area below the Lublin Castle. Next to the Festival tent city, there will be a tent hall containing a registration point as well as shops offering slackline accessories and apparel. In the evenings, inside the tent hall there will multimedia presentations delivered by invited guests, including world record holders in the longest slackline walk Nathan Paulin and Spencer Seabrooke.

Urban Highline Festival boasts the title of the safest festival of this kind in the world. For that reason, Lublin offers a perfect start for your highline adventure. This is an event both for beginners and for more advanced practitioners willing to develop their skills. This is an event that caters to tourists as well as no other city offers a highline event of that scale. This is also an event for those who love Lublin and the Carnival atmosphere. This is an event for all!

See you!