The number of places at selected shows is limited due to the capacity of halls and tent. Tickets for these performances can be purchased at the price of 15 zł at Ticketpro sales network – both online at Ticketpro, as well as retail outlets throughout the country (list of outlets).

List of paid performances:


Collectif de la Bascule “Rien nest moins sûr”

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Venue: Big Circus Tent on Błonia

29.07.2017 / Saturday / 20:00 

30.07.2017 / Sunday/ 19:00 

Rien nestmoins sûr”, or “Nothing certain” is a short show featuring one big act, performed in a space typical for a circus tent. This new circus format puts at its centre a wobbly object that gets broken down over time. High, unbridled acrobatics, unexpected twists and skillfully synchronised juggling will appear, one by one, in different configurations. It’s simple but complex at the same time. Usually, one activity sets off the entire machine – if one element moves, all elements do too; if one stops, everything loses balance.


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Venue: Big Circus Tent on Błonia 

28.07.2017/Friday/ 17:00 and 20:30 

The eponymous city is an imagined space. It is a meeting space for an unusual set of people – people who are different and people who resist getting known. It is a space where different cultures, attitudes and lifestyles constantly cross, which, on the one hand, leads to unavoidable misunderstandings and conflicts but at the same time contributes to the creation of life-affirming energy that builds the socio-cultural fabric of the city. Through the evocation of both real and fictional stories about Lublin, we have created a multi-dimensional, dream-like world which might have never existed and certainly does not exist now but whose potential presence is distinctly palpable.

Teatro Tatro “Circus Charms”

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Venue: White Circus Tent on Błonia

9.07.2017 /Saturday/ 15:30

30.07.2017 / Sunday/ 15:30

CIRCUCHARMSA witty tale about a man who dreamed of becoming a circus artist but was rejected by the circus troupe. A story with a moral that proves goals can be reached if you work hard to achieve them. This is a subversive story about the circus, featuring live music, beautiful stage sets and costumes.You will see a ballerina walking a tightrope, amazing acrobats, unbelievable stunts on horseback, a trained circus shark, a snake woman and Australian rabbits. Everything is kept in the surreal and absurd tone of the writings of the great Russian poet Daniil Kharms. It makes for a thrilling show. Everyone who takes part is guaranteed to become a better, more optimistic person. The show is for children of all heights and parents of all widths.

The Slovak group Teatro Tatro is an extraordinary theatre group drawing inspiration from fairground art and the fever of ludic entertainment. Its members are artists associated with the largest theatres in Slovakia – the Slovak National Theatre in Bratislava and Andrej Bagar Theatre in Nitra.

Kolektyw Kejos “Pitagoras 3D”

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Venue: Auditorium, Centre for Culture in Lublin

29.07.2017 /Saturday/ 18:00

30.07.2017 / Sunday/ 17:30

The protagonist of the show is a self-appointed professor who, looking for perfection, takes on poetic theories about the relationship between Distance, Music, Cosmos and Geometry. An absurd semi-hilarious and semi-tragic professor experiments with sound and images and offers academic monologues derived from ancient texts, contemporary statistical data and her own imagination. In passionate outbursts, she addresses everyone present and enters into direct chemical reaction with them. Her body, filled with numbers and formulas, becomes a mirror of cosmos. She meets the public at a conference to answer the question “What is the whole heaven made of?”. She believes that heavens are not much different from the earth. She looks for models defining everything and everywhere. She wants to touch the Absolute and invites you to do the same.

Les Paraconteurs “Consequences”

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Venue: Auditorium, Centre for Culture in Lublin

27.07.2017 /Thursday/ 19:00

28.07.2017 / Friday/ 18:00
A contemporary clown show about the contemporary world. Two guys in suits, one tall, one short. Nothing distinguishes them from ordinary mortals. At the same time, in the face of delicate everyday issues – a funeral, a night at the disco, a session at the psychologist – they will prove to be disturbingly unprepared. How to give a business card? How to behave when a friend has given up his soul? How to die of heart attack with dignity? What is life like in heavens? How to feed a frog? By interpreting social norms, in self-contradicting ways, these two guys cause a series of catastrophes and bring a lot of laughter. Consequences is a silent show, in which clowning goes hand in hand with absurd, in the style of Buster Keaton and Monthy Python. The show is the winner of Plateaux du Grupe Geste(s) award.