Les GüMs “StOïk”


Country: France,
Duration: 60’,
Age: 5+
Language: non verbal
Comic mime duet, acrobatics

Meet Mr and Mrs Nobody. He’s tall as a giraffe and as thin as a rake and has good intentions. She’s petite, full of energy but also bitterness. She’s also slightly disconnected from this world, everything is beyond her. They have nothing. Their stage is simple, unadorned.

They always strive to do their best, especially when they fail. In their world, everything makes sense, there are no unimportant matters. Being close with each other, they also build a close bond with the audience. They use gestures to show the absurdities of the world, where seemingly there is nothing, and yet everything is there.
The show used body language to communicate meanings. The boring becomes interesting. It’s a poetic blend of circus arts, clowning and music that enchants the audience.

The presentation of the show has been made possible thanks to the support of


Vélocimanes Associés/Le Cirque du Bout du Monde “Der Lauf”

Country: Belgium,
Duration: 55 min,
Age: 8+
Language: some written text, in English

juggling and object manipulation

Der Lauf is an experimental and interactive show, in which the audience plays a major part. A juggler with a bucket on their head conducts a series of blind experiments. We are about to witness five short and absurd juggling études, where the audience becomes the only guide of the artist who blindly moves around in the darkness. Nothing can change the outcome of the events…except the spectators.

*the presentation of the show has been made possible thanks to the support of Wallonie-Bruxelles International

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