#The idea

The idea

The essence of Carnaval is FUN.  Fun has always been accompanied by ludic art. Through its new forms – new circus and busking we will begin a time of shared celebration.

Carnaval is a time when  everyday laws are suspended and the entire customary social and cultural order is turned upside down. Just as a juggler (or artist) is synonymous to a misfit, a freak and an outcast, so is Carnaval synonymous to a time of celebration, abolishment of laws, duties and norms.

Carnaval is a time of destruction, chaos, death but also  restoration, revival, birth; it is a time of fools, artists and jugglers who announce the coming of new life.  Carnaval is the celebration of life itself. It is the essence of life, its most vital sign.

The tents explode with the power of new circus performances. They show a world in which art becomes one and in which barriers and divisions into theatre, juggling, dance or music cease to exist. The streets will cower in fear, brim with excitement and laughter at our everyday shackled reality. All this is caused by buskers and their entourage. It will be funny and scary, a little sentimental at heart but in the mind – a little uncomfortable.

The sky will be once more ruled not by angels or pigeons but by highliners who will  hide the sun with the brilliance of their skill and audacity of their steps.

Let Carnaval happen!!!