24 July
#20:00 - 20:45
#Litewski Square

Race Horse Company “Motosikai

Country: Finland

Duration: 40 min
Age: no limits, children with parents
Language: none

Teeterboard acrobatics, juggling


Motosikai performs absurd scenes of skill, action and laughter with unstoppable energy. The three Finnish acrobats soar through the sky like superheroes, while the spectators watch their feats with bated breath and pray for their safe landing. 


The show features many of the Race Horse Company’s trademark arts, such as teeterboard and ball acrobatics. Their twisted humour, endless acrobatic tricks and unfiltered energy have taken the Motosikai crew across Europe and into the hearts of countless street festival attendees.


Having toured extensively in the UK, Germany and Spain, the show was also one of the highlights of the 2019 Ansan Street Arts Festival in Korea.