23 July
#21:00 - 21:30
#Po Farze Square

Polish Artists – Busking contest – Marcin Ex Styczyński “Fire Breathing Show”

A bold individual in an orange costume shares the secrets of the most dangerous and mysterious of arts – fire breathing. The show leaves us amazed with its displays of juggling, tricks involving spinning huge ropes on fire, swallowing fire and a balloon inflating contest to show how circus artists can hone their skills. 

The event will culminate with Marcin Styczyński’s special presentation, the audience’s favourite, fire breathing. The high-reaching, long-lasting flames are the perfect opportunity to take stunning photos. 

How to vote? During each show featuring Polish Buskers, our volunteers will hand you special cards. After the show, you will be asked to mark how you evaluate the show you have just seen and return the card to the staff. The winner will be announced on Sunday after all the votes have been counted.