25 July
#18:00 - 18:30
#Po Farze Square

Polish Artists – Busking contest – Krzysztof Kostera

Krzysztof Kostera, a graduate of the Circus School in Julinek, invites us into the dramatic world of circus skills. The tension during the show builds up along with the difficulty of the tricks.

He starts with five balls and clubs  – and that’s easy! From there, the feats become increasingly tricky and impressive and include juggling mounted on a tall giraffe unicycle. In the finale, we will watch the artist juggle three flaming axes at the top of a free-standing ladder. We’re about to witness unrivalled circus skills!

How to vote? During each show featuring Polish Buskers, our volunteers will hand you special cards. After the show, you will be asked to mark how you evaluate the show you have just seen and return the card to the staff. The winner will be announced on Sunday after all the votes have been counted.