22 July
#19:00 - 19:30
#Po Farze Square

Polish Artists – Busking contest – Mr & Mrs Frantic

The show is a fairy tale about the friendship between a circus puppet and a strange clown. Their meeting begins with unsuccessful attempts at communication. It leads to the discovery of unusual talents, such as manipulating a crystal ball, dancing with a hula-hoop, acrobatic flexibility, or taming fire. All this is combined with comedic sketches.

We invite you into an extraordinary world on the threshold of reality, where logic does not always make sense and where objects come to life… It’s a world where a clown and a puppet can become best friends.

How to vote? During each show featuring Polish Buskers, our volunteers will hand you special cards. After the show, you will be asked to mark how you evaluate the show you have just seen and return the card to the staff. The winner will be announced on Sunday after all the votes have been counted.