#20:00 - 20:40
#Litewski Square

Pan Ząbek “Armata, czyli Pan Ząbek z grubej rury”

“A cannon, or Pan Ząbek jumps the gun”

  • Country: Poland
  • Age: no limits
  • Language: Polish
  • Duration: 40 min
  • illusionist, showman
  • free admission


This time, Pan Ząbek pulls out all the stops! In order to find a card selected by a member of the audience, he will use a very subtle method, namely…a cannon! Someone might say: “Much ado about nothing!” Not this time! Tons of equipment, pyrotechnics, advanced technology and logistics. A lot of noise and smoke are just pretexts to present world-class illusion to the audience! For a moment, the crowds will hold their breaths in order to excitedly shout out his name a moment later! Pan Ząbek!! He won’t let you down this time either!