#17:00 - 18:00
#Po Farze Square

Murmuyo !FUERA!

  • Country: CHILE
  • Age: 5+
  • Language: nonverbal
  • Duration: 60 min
  • clown, mime
  • free access

Murmuyo lives in Lublin but he has been kicked out of his house. He needs help to build a new home.  This is a site-specific show with political undertones that touches on issues of forced evictions and displacements. Murmuyo is happily living in his house in Lublin. One day, for unknown reasons, he is kicked out with all his belongings. With the help of the audience, he will attempt to build a new house in the middle of a busy road. The show aims at disrupting the everyday flow of life and engaging random passers-by in his problems. Will he succeed in building a new home? Or will he be forever sentenced to a life in the streets?