#20:00 - 20:50
#Rybny Square

Mr Pedrro “Mr Pedrro’s Cheerful Circus”


  • country: Poland
  • language: Polish
  • duration: 50 minutes
  • age: all ages
  • juggling, clown
  • free admission

Surprising things happen in the circus and you can experience unforgettable moments, all thanks to wonderful artists. But what if the circus suddenly runs out of artists and the director will have to deal with things alone? Then things get bad, especially for the director… Mr Pedrro has  to come up with an idea for a show in order to meet the expectations of the public; the tickets have sold out. He will bend over backwards to make the show as colourful as always and make the audiences smile. After all, we’re talking about Mr Pedrro’s Cheerful Circus. It’s a humorous story, hopefully with a good ending.