#19:30 - 20:30
#Square behind the Tribunal

Mantega Isernhagen “Wonder drink show”

  • Country: Brazil/ Germany
  • Age: all
  • Language: nonverbal
  • Duration: 45 min
  • clown, juggling, physical theater
  • free access

Have you ever wanted to be stronger, faster and smarter? Your answer is WONDER DRINK! Mantega invites the audience on a journey where tons of laughs and gasps of amazement are guaranteed. In a show that perfectly blends theatre and advanced circus skills, you will see Mantega juggle and manipulate unusual objects, such as glasses, ice cubes and liquids and be amazed by an impossible grand finale. The show offers endless surprises as nothing is quite what it seems and props are discovered accidentally and exploited with subtlety and fun.

Developed in Cape Verde, Africa, assisted direction in South Korea by Ms. Park Sang-sook and played in New Zealand, Canada, Russia, Spain, Germany and many other countries in the world, this is a show with a Brazilian touch that combines visual comedy, juggling and charisma.