#20:00 - 20:50
#square next to the Tribunal

Luca Bellezze “Melafilo”

  • country: France / Italy
  • language: no language
  • duration: 30-50 minutes
  • clown, magic
  • age: all ages
  • free admission

Melafilo is a silent show about an eccentric clown who tries to draw our attention to all that is invisible to the eye. He lures the viewers into his story and persuades them to go through an invisible gate to another world. Like with a touch of a magic wand, he conjures items to encourage us to escape from the asphalt jungle and take a breather in another, magical dimension. His simplicity raises sensitivity, arousing emotions, bringing smiles and joy. The show encourages to strengthen interpersonal relations. It’s a quiet and delicate show without words.