#17:30 - 18:30
#Centre for Culture in Lublin

Kolektyw Kejos “Pitagoras 3D” *TICKETS*


The protagonist of the play is a self-appointed professor who, looking for perfection, takes on poetic theories about the relationship between Distance, Music, Cosmos and Geometry. An absurd semi-hilarious and semi-tragic professor experiments with sound and images and offers academic monologues derived from ancient texts, contemporary statistical data and her own imagination. In passionate outbursts, she addresses everyone present and enters into direct chemical reaction with them. Her body, filled with numbers and formulas, becomes a mirror of cosmos. She meets the public at a conference to answer the question “What is the whole heaven made of?”. She believes that heavens are not much different from the earth. She looks for models defining everything and everywhere. She wants to touch the Absolute and invites you to do the same.