23 July
#22:00 - 23:00
#Błonia near the Castle

Fight Night Combat – Combat Juggling

On 23rd July at 22.00, after the last performance of the day on Błonia near the Castle, we will hold an official combat juggling ranking tournament- a fight with juggling clubs.

Combat juggling is an international sport for jugglers. It is a fight between two or more competitors who have to juggle three clubs all the time and their task is to knock out the opponent (at least one of them has to fall down or the opponent has to break the “cascade”, the most basic juggling pattern). At the same time, the competitor has to strive to keep the cascade going.

This is a clean sport, therefore hitting the opponent is not allowed  – you can only target the clubs.

Combat Juggling is a spectacular show that is guaranteed to draw the audience’s attention. If you think juggling is boring,  you will see that Combat is different. See how spectacular combat juggling is here: https://youtu.be/RbjRe_4TkA0

Information for participants

Everyone who can juggle three clubs is welcome to take part. You need to bring your juggling clubs with you.  We will provide cards for writing down the scores. Preliminaries will start from 22.00, along with the finals (8 Final Rounds), the so-called Fight Night. If you’re interested in taking part, please message Krzysztof Kostera on Facebook or come at 22.00 and register at the event.

The scores from these competitions count towards the official world rankings of combat juggling at https://www.fightnightcombat.com/tournament-calendar-2021.html


When: 23 July (Friday), 22.00

Where: Błonia near the Castle

The event is not ticketed and there are no capacity limits