#19:00 - 19:50
#Dominican Monastery - Courtyard

Dromocosmicas itinerant theater “Vagor & Bellavita”

  • Country: Greece, Brazil, Italy
  • Age: no limits
  • Language: non-verbal
  • Duration: 50 min
  • clowning, pantomime, acrobatics
  • free admission

This is a story of the meeting of two vagabond clowns, Vagor and Bellavita. Vagor is a lonely traveller and Bellavita lives under a busy bridge and spends her days dreaming and listening to the radio. One day, they accidentally bump into each other. These two strangers begin to share the same space and help each other through various situations. Vagor and Bellavita share the good and the bad. They live each day as if it was their last because they have no hope for a better tomorrow. However, a magical night will change their destinies forever – in a dream they will conceive an idea that will surprise everyone. During the play they discover themselves, their hidden talents and willpower. The play is an invitation to find beauty in the little things of everyday.