#19:00 - 20:00
#Po Farze Square

“Caffe Frescatti” – special performance by the Polish School of Circus Art

  • country: Poland
  • Age: no limits
  • Language: Polish
  • Duration: 60 min
  • contortion, dance, aerial spiral, Cyr wheel, aerial straps, trapeze, aerial silk, ladder, wheel
  • free admission

The gala of graduates of the State School of Circus Arts in Julinek. Both youngest students who are graduating this year and graduates from 5-20 years ago will perform on the stage. Referring to the formula of traditional circus programmes, they will present their diploma acts along with etudes created especially for this occasion. The audience will be transported to the interwar period, a time when Lublin abounded with elegant dance clubs and restaurants, third-rate bars, pastry shops, coffeehouses which were frequented by poets and politicians, while townspeople met up for dance parties. The popular Lublin-based band Czarne Lwy z Przedmieścia will play music to accompany the dancing and performances. “The establishment was elegant. It was called “Frascatti”. It had a large hall, an auditorium, a cocktail bar and a stage for the performances. The artistic level of these performances wasn’t dazzling, unlike the women who performed… On top of that, the orchestra was very good. Of course, one went there after dinner to enjoy the evening. To have wine, or rather coffee and cognac” (“NN Theatre”).
Genres: gala, variety show, cabaret

  • Direction and Lead: Marta Kuczyńska
  • Performers: Dominika and Brygida Osam (contortion and dance), Martyna Majak (aerial spiral), Grzegorz Jastrzębski, Grzegorz Rajs (Cyr wheel), Jagoda Stanasiuk (aerial straps), Karolina Banaszak (trapeze), Kamila Dąbrowska (aerial silk), Krzysztof Kostera (ladder), Katarzyna Krzesińska (wheel)
    Music: Czarne Lwy z Przedmieścia
  • Scenography and costumes: Ewa Woźniak
  • Choreography assistance, waitress: Zuzanna Nir
  • Produced by: Carnaval Sztukmistrzów