#17:00 - 17:45
#Po Farze Square

Bucket Guys “Feel the Beat”


  • country: Poland
  • language: Polish
  • duration: 45 minutes
  • live music, improvisation, synchronisation
  • age: all ages

Bucket Guys are a duo who play the buckets. However, aside from that, Oskar and Alek Podolscy also compose and produce music , and play a variety of other instruments. They have performed in the streets of many European cities and have taken part in an unplugged tour with the Polish band Hey, accompanying them at 14 concerts. Bucket Guys have also composed music for the show “Iluzjoniści Pierwsze Starcie” (dir by  J.Józefowicz) at the director’s request. Podolscy joined “Projekt 30/90″, and as laureates contributed to the piece composed by Radzimir Dębski aka Jimek, the initiator of the event. (source: FB)