Aerialove Performance and Workshops

The aerial stage created for Carnaval Sztrukmistrzów is a site for aerial dance and acrobatics to hone their craft and a stage for spectators looking for aerial thrills. Aerial disciplines such as silks, circus wheel acrobatics, aerial straps, ropes, and trapezes rank among the most stunning circus arts. Acrobats flying over the audience’s heads always evoke extraordinary thrills and offer unforgettable visual experiences. 

The breakneck acrobatics require strength, a sense of rhythm, but also confidence and precision of movements. 

The participants will have the opportunity to train and exchange experiences, take part in workshops and test themselves in front of an audience. The sessions will culminate with a showcase of skills during the Aerial Jam. The jam is a form of a relaxed, improvised, but spectacular performance, whose participants will present acrobatic and dance shows in the air.