Food Truck Zone

Both before and after the shows, you are welcome to step into the chillout zone in Błonia near the Castle. This is a casual space of relaxation, where you can rest and enjoy food served from a number of colourful food trucks. Some trucks are new, others are your favourites from past years. Both vegans and lovers of classic burgers will find their flavours, and sweets are also on the menu.


Food trucks: 
🇬🇪 Kuchnia Gruzińska
🇺🇸 Donuts Mini Pączki 🍩
☀️ Tajskie Lody
🇺🇸 Amerykańskie burgery 🍔
🇧🇪 Belgijskie frytki 🍟
🇺🇸 Tortille prosto z USA 🌯🌮
🇺🇸 Chrupiące Kurczaki a’la KFC 🍗
☀️ Orzeźwiająca domowa lemoniada i Granita
☀️ Żydowska kuchnia z Otwocka
☀️ Obłędnie pyszne pętli czyli kiełbasa z rusztu ❗
👉🌍🪐 Look forward to 3 days with the best cuisine from  four corners of the world and competitions with prizes!