Teatro Tatro “Cirus Charms”









  • Country: SLOVAKIA
  • Age: 4 +
  • Language: Slovak/Polish
  • Duration: 80 min
  • children theatre, puppets,  circus, clown
  • tickets

A witty tale about a man who dreamed of becoming a circus artist but was rejected by the circus troupe. A story with a moral that proves goals can be reached if you work hard to achieve them. This is a subversive story about the circus, featuring live music, beautiful stage sets and costumes.You will see a ballerina walking a tightrope, amazing acrobats, unbelievable stunts on horseback, a trained circus shark, a snake woman and Australian rabbits. Everything is kept in the surreal and absurd tone of the writings of the great Russian poet Daniil Kharms. It makes for a thrilling show. Everyone who takes part is guaranteed to become a better, more optimistic person. The show is for children of all heights and parents of all widths.

The Slovak group Teatro Tatro is an extraordinary theatre group drawing inspiration from fairground art and the fever of ludic entertainment. Its members are artists associated with the largest theatres in Slovakia – the Slovak National Theatre in Bratislava and Andrej Bagar Theatre in Nitra.