Kolektyw Kejos “Nevertown”

Photo: Piotr Spigiel



Nevertown is a crossover show merging circus arts and theatre. It fuses such circus art  disciplines as acrobatics and aerial acrobatics (aerial straps, trapezes), cyr wheel or juggling with dance, physical and visual theatre. This combination is possible owing to a unique Polish band, consisting of new circus, dance and music performers and experienced theatre artists.

The show been created with Lublin’s 700th anniversary in mind, that is why it is inspired by the pre-war history of the city, its myths, stories and legends and the lives of artists connected with it, namely Franciszka Arnsztajnowa, I.B.Singer, Edward Hartwig.

The show features live music inspired by Polish, Jewish and Gypsy folklore, as well as Polish hit songs of the interwar period.

The eponymous city is an imagined space. It is a meeting space for an unusual set of people – people who are different and people who resist getting known. It is a space where different cultures, attitudes and lifestyles constantly cross, which, on the one hand, leads to unavoidable misunderstandings and conflicts but at the same time contributes to the creation of life-affirming energy that builds the socio-cultural fabric of the city. Through the evocation of both real and fictional stories about Lublin, we have created a multi-dimensional, dream-like world which might have never existed and certainly does not exist now but whose potential presence is distinctly palpable.

The show has been produced to commemorate the 700th anniversary of Lublin by Carnaval Sztukmistrzów and Wrocław-based Stowarzyszenie Ke-Jos-The-At-Er in cooperation with FAMA Library and Cultural Centre in Wrocław and OFCA Festival in Oleśnica.

  • Screenplay, concept: Jacek Timingeriu, Marta Kuczyńska
  • Director: Jacek Timingeriu
  • Assistant Director: Marta Kuczyńska
  • Music Director: Katarzyna Timingeriu
  • Stage design and costumes: Diana Jonkisz, Anna Hul
  • Lighting director Maciej Dziaczko
  • Assistant choreographer: Ewa Wagner
  • Starring: Marta Kuczyńska, Zuzanna Nir, Matylda Górska, Marcin Janiak, Adam Banach
  • Musicians: Katarzyna Timingeriu, Jacek Timingeriu, Mikołaj Nowicki, Mateusz Nowicki