#Artists 2019

Artists 2019

We’re announcing the artists who will appear in Lublin at Carnaval Sztukmistrzów 2019! Full descriptions are coming soon. Of course, this is not the end just yet! Just like real magicians, we still have a few surprises up our sleeves. Keep your eyes peeled!


Ticketed shows

Borolosolo, “Haute Heure”, France / tickets available from 1 July

Bram Graafland, “The Yelling Kitchen Prince”, Netherlands / tickets from 1 July

Andrea Salustri “Materia”, CIRCUS NEXT contest / tickets from 1 July

Cie Random, “Random”, CIRCUS NEXT contest/ tickets from 1 July

Free shows:

Theatre Irrwisch „Grannies” Austria

Theatre Irrwisch „Let it burn”, Austria

Pan Ząbek, „Powrót do przeszłości”, Poland

SLACKSHOW, “Slackline Show”, the Czech Republic

Cia.Alta Gama, “Adoro” Francja/ Spain / Argentina

Pan Pedro, Poland

Kacper Wydmański, Poland

Ale Risorio “La Kermesse”, Italy

Piotr Denisiuk,Poland

Social Salto “BLURB”  Hungary

Luca Bellezze MELAFILO, Italy

Mona Circo “On Wheels”, Italy / Argentina

Marcos Masetti “Darme Cuerda”,  Italy / Argentina

Bucket Guys, Poland