October 7th, 2021

The Polish Incident 2021 – a contest for new circus shows

The contest is addressed to circus artists and groups involved in broadly understood performative arts: circus, dance, theatre, etc. Both experienced and emerging artists are welcome to apply. They must be either native Poles or residents of Poland.

We’re looking for original and fresh ideas for a circus show or a show that refers to the circus through aesthetics, topics, disciplines, etc. We are looking for submissions that are entertaining but also moving, surprising in form and content to captivate a demanding and diverse audience of circus and street art festivals.

The contest applies to both outdoor and stage shows. We want the shows to be played often and presented at events in public spaces. Therefore, they must be adaptable to various spaces, have a well-thought-out and uncomplicated script, and their execution should follow simple logistical solutions.

The winner/s sign a contract for the production of the show that includes the fee.  We want to allocate a total of 50 000 PLN net for the production of the shows. We plan to select 1 to 3 projects that will  ultimately  be presented in front of the audience during the Showcase of Polish Contemporary Circus in Lublin. The contest’s committee will select the most exciting projects whose authors or representatives of their groups will participate in free master classes conducted by an experienced instructor – Lucho Smit.

Lucho Smit (FRA) –  is a circus artist (acrobat, juggler, musician), director and mentor. A graduate of CNAC  National centre for circus arts. He has created and produced many artistic and social projects, and organises the festival “Cirque&Mare”.  He’s a member of many artistic committees and boards; for instance, he serves on the Jury of the prestigious Circus Next competition.

An intensive, five-day workshop with Lucho will prepare the participants to work on their shows. It will consist of a practical part featuring experiments, exercises in direction and movement. The theoretical part will combine analysis and feedback. The participants will watch fragments of their works and present their show ideas. Lucho will give them exercises and show various ways of working with circus techniques. He will provide circus artists with directing tips as well as information and tools for developing their projects.

Marta Kuczyńska (a representative of the Circus Next platform) will give a short talk on how to apply for Circus Next’s grants.

Please send any questions to info@sztukmistrze.eu


Terms and conditions and the registration form (Polish language only):

ZGŁOSZENIA (Submissions)

REGULAMIN KONKURSU (Terms and conditions)