July 10th, 2019

Backyard Circus 2019

Backyard Circus is a project of Carnaval Sztukmistrzów that has won the love and enormous favour of Lublin’s residents.This is the fourth time it is organized and, as always, it’s going to offer a foretaste and a teaser of what will happen during Carnaval.  Backyard Circus refers to small itinerant circus troupes travelling from town to town, from one district to another, from one backyard to the next. Groups of such vagabond circus artists presented short circus acts accompanied by music and thus satisfied the cultural needs of the residents of townhouses and poorer boroughs. The programme usually included elements of acrobatics, equilibristics, demonstrations of strength, illusion and juggling. Frequently complemented by ribald jokes or songs, the performances encouraged the residents to donate some money to the troupes.

During the five editions so far, Backyard Circus has been to all districts of Lublin. This year, the 8 districts to be visited by the circus artists have been selected by the residents, who voted for them in this order:   Dziesiąta, Czuby Południowe, Śródmieście, Felin, Sławin, Czechów Północny, Klukowszczyzna, Węglin Południowy.

Backyard Circus brings a new programme every year. The troupe includes both famous and well-liked Carnaval artists and new faces. This year, the Backyard Circus Troupe consists of  Pan Ząbek – showman, illusionist, Mona Circo with her unicycle and whip, the juggler – Bill Bombadill, the clown – Mr Pedrro and exuberant musicians   forming Bucket Guys. They have combined their forces to create a unique show that encourages to leave home and get to know the essence of Carnaval.

21 July // Sunday
17:00 Felin | gree field by Zygmunta Augusta st (between the school and the church)
19:00 Dziesiąta | Parking at Mireckiego st ( from Reymonta st)
22 July // Monday
17:00 Czechów Północny | Green field by  the school at J. Śliwińskiego street
19:00 Sławin |  Pitch by the school at  Sławinkowska 50
23 July //Tuesday
17:00 Węglin Południowy | Parking by the school, Roztocze street
19:00 Czuby Południowe |  John Paul II park by the gazebo
24 July // Wednesday
17:00 Kalinowszczyzna |The cove between Kleeberg and Okrzei street
19:00 Śródmieście |  green field by the orphanage,  Sieroca 15