February 13th, 2018

Circus in the World of Spectacles

A book like this could not be published anywhere alse but in Lublin, the city of Carnaval Sztukmistrzów, the largest Nouveau Cirque festival in Poland. This is the first Polish language academic publication in a few decades that demonstrates the phenomenon of the circus in its historical and contemporary forms.

Cyrk w świecie widowisk - okładka książkiWe’ve wanted to publish such a book for many years. Both historical and contemporary circus has not received much attention in either academic publications or literature. We hope that this publication will at least partially fill the existing gap. The revival of circus art which we are observing now and have a chance to co-create thanks to our passion and work will surely lead to the publication of many other books of this kind” – says Rafał Sadownik, the art director of Carnaval Sztukmistrzów

The publication of the book “Cyrk w świecie widowisk” / Circus in the world of spectacles has been made possible thanks to the cooperation of Carnaval Sztukmistrzów organized by Workshops of Culture In Lublin with The Study of Theatre Department at Maria Curie – Skłodowska University and thanks to the support of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. “Cyrk w świecie widowisk”, edited by dr Grzegorz Kondrasiuk is the product of an interdisciplinary team, who has made it possible to gather in one academic volume articles about shows, artists, circus institutions in Poland and Europe beginning from the 17th century until now. The circus has been portrayed in historical perspective and as a phenomenon of interest to anthropologists, sociologists, philosophers or aestheticians. The articles in this volume have been based on extensive archival inquiries and illustrated using a rich and unique iconographic material.

Workshops of Culture in Lublin, the organizers of Carnaval Sztukmistrzów, invite you to a meeting promoting the book combined with an open discussions featuring New Circus researchers and practitioners.
When: 2 March 2018, 16:00
Where: The Crown Tribunal in Lublin, 2nd floor
Free admission

The printed version of the book has been published in a limited number of copies made available at libraries as well as research and culture centres. That’s why the organizers would like to invite you to fill in the online form (Polish language only) and to provide your e-mail address. A free PDF copy of the book will be sent to your e-mail addresses on 2 March 2018. The publication will be also made available for downloading from our websites: en.sztukmistrze.eu and warsztatykultury.pl.

The articles are in Polish. Abstracts are available in English.

The book promotion will be accompanied by the performance of “Never Town”, a show produced by Kolektyw Kejos. The show was produced to commemorate the 700th anniversary of the City of Lublin. It is inspired by the pre-war history of the city, its legends, myths, stories and the lives and works of artists associated with the city, such as Franciszka Arnsztajnowa, Isaac Bashevis Singer or Edward Hartwig. The show features live music inspired by Polish, Jewish, Ukrainian and Gypsy folk as well as by Polish hit songs of the interwar period. The play combines various circus techniques, such as acrobatics, aerial acrobatics, Cyr wheel and juggling with elements of dance as well as physical and visual theatre. This fusion is possible owing to the skills of the unique group consisting of experienced people of the theatre and artists involved in dance, music and the Noveau Cirque movement.

When: 2 March, 19:00
Where: Centre for Culture in Lublin – main auditorium

How to buy a ticket? You can pick one of the following 3 ways:

  • In person, in the main office of Workshops of Culture in Lublin at Grodzka 7, 1st floor, room 104, from 15 February 2018 to 2 March 2018 (Monday – Friday, 10:00-16:00). PLEASE NOTE! Cash only!
  • In person, at the ticket office inside the Centre for Culture in Lublin, located at Peowiaków 12 – on the day of the performance (2nd March) starting from 18:00. PLEASE NOTE! Cash only!
  •  In the online store of Workshops of Culture in Lublin:
    warsztatykultury.pl/sklep/ – from 15 February to 28 February 2018. Payment by bank transfer. PLEASE NOTE! You have to pick up the ticket in person:

—–– in the main office at Workshops of Culture in Lublin, located at Grodzka 7, 1st floor, room 104 – from 15 February 2018 to 2nd March 2018 (Monday – Friday, 10:00-16:30);
—–– at the ticket office inside the Centre for Culture in Lublin at Peowiaków 12 – on 2nd March (the day of the performance), starting from 18:30.
More information in the terms and conditions (Polish language only)

The authors and articles:

Grzegorz Kondrasiuk – Circus in the World of Spectacles
Janina Hera –An Enchanted Palace – at the Edge of Europe
Krzysztof Kurek –All in all, it might be said that one can spend a nice and enjoyable night at Mr. Wullf’s Circus…Circus, menageries and acrobatic performances in nighteenth-century Poznań.
Krzysztof Gombin –  Magic lanterns, illusionists, curiosity shows – a page in the history of entertainment (and not only) of 19th century inhabitants of Lublin.
Agnieszka Bińczycka –  The circus in Poland at the turn of 19th and 20th centuries and in the interwar period
Paweł Stangret – The Avant-garde rehabilitation of the circus
Zofia Snelewska-Stempień – The Circus in the Polish People’s Republic. The art of itinerants in the era of small stabilization
Ondřej Cihlář – From traditional to modern circus
Katarzyna Donner – The idioms of (new) circus
Joanna Szymajda – Nouveau cirque and dance in France
Marta Kuczyńska – New Circus – possibilities of dramaturgy (James Thiérrée – Compagnie XY – Johann Le Guillerm)

Monika Kalinowska, Mirosław Urban – Circus pedagogy in Poland: areas, aims, practitioners,
Agata Zapasa, Katarzyna Dąbrowska-Żmuda – New Circus as a space for meeting the Other

Rozmowa z Mieczysławem Piniarzem – One hundred years of the Polish arena? (1883-1983). An interview with Mieczysław Piniarz
Artur Duda – The Circus Performer
Sylwia Siedlecka – Around the concept of the circus
Rafał Sadownik –  The circus, festival, city and spectators. Carnaval Sztukmistrzów and the contemporary Polish circus

Published by:
Ludic Culture and Art Department
Workshops of Culture in Lublin